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Please watch the video below about our trip to Angthong.

Speedboat tours from Koh Phangan

There are number of reasons as to why you'll enjoy our company, but our clients say about it better. Read their reviews on Tripadvisor.
There are number of reasons as to why you'll enjoy our company, but our clients say about it better. Read their reviews on Tripadvisor.
Please meet key member of our team!
- date of construction - September, 2016,
- seats 26 passengers,
- 2 four stroke Suzuki engines,
- WC is available onboard.
Tell us which activity is your favorite on vacay?! Snorkeling, sightseeing, trekking, kayaking, swimming or sun bathing? In Angthong National Marine Park you don't need to choose! There is all of them in one day tour. And with our thought through itinerary there will be no rush! 😎🌴
We are happy to welcome captain Dang to Ocean Drive! Ex-captain of Buri Rasa Hotel, Koh Samui, he is a very professional and reliable one. Having him in our team is a great honor. Welcome aboard! βš“οΈ
Ocean Drive Pier located on Wok Tum, Koh Phangan. Bird's eye view. Photo by @alexkazachok
And how do you spend your weekend?
Spotted on the beautiful beaches of Angthong Marine Park. For the photo thank you to @_sjworldwide
Now here is what we call a bonus! If you think that kayaking, snorkelling, trekking while surrounded by amazing scenery simply isn't enough, then ask our guide Yuth to teach you the art of juggling!
We think birds are lucky - from their perspective even snorkeling looks like a work of art! 🐠
Kayaking... To go or not to go? This is the question we receive quite often. We chose TO GO! What's your answer? 🚣
Spectacled Langur monkeys - one of the residents of Angthong islands, classified as Near Threatened on the Red List. One of them gave birth recently. Unlike adult monkeys, babies have orange fur color, which gets brown at the age of 8 months. So you still have few months ahead to visit Angthong and meet this little cutie! πŸ’
Heading to the Monkey Island today in the morning. πŸ’ Sawadee Kaa πŸ™ Have a great day everyone! β˜€οΈ
This is by far our most favorite picture of Koh Phangan - a home place for our company...
Photo by @alexkazachok
If you wanna something to be done well do it yourself! Our brand new and now shining boat is ready for tomorrow's tour to Angthong.
When you travel to an island your taxi from an airport will be.. A BOAT! πŸ›₯
Angthong in storm today.. 🌊
That is how fish see us snorkeling. We don't know who has more fun... 🐠
Met 3 pink dolphins on our way to Samui today! 🐬🐬🐬 We are sure pink dolphins bring luck! ✨
We planned our itinerary to Angthong so that we come everywhere before crowds arrive.
It's official! Angthong National Marine Park has been closed from 1st of November and will be off-limits for visitors until December 15. An anual practice to give marine life and wild nature some respite. πŸ™
Discovering new spots for snorkeling in Angthong National Park. As the raining season approaches and sea becomes more rough, we have to find more tranquil spots to enjoy Marine Park's amazing underwater life... 🐠🐟🐑
We just love them, our new brochures!!! πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› They are like mangoes, but paper format! πŸ˜†
We keep exploring Angthong.. This is Bua Boke cave on Koh Wua Ta Lap where Angthong headquarters are located. If you plan to go trekking there, take comfortable shoes, because the path is quite steep. πŸ˜πŸ‘ 
See you soon, Angthong! πŸ‘‹πŸ˜‰
Our beautiful & happy client Daria on a tour to Angthong! 😊β™₯️
Our t-shirts say it best.. Invest in traveling! ✌️😎
We are sooo happy to see smiling faces of our clients as they come back from our tours... Today was another beautiful day in Angthong! 🌟
Beach on Angthong National Marine Park
Day well spent! Thank you people for fantastic atmosphere! πŸ˜ƒβ˜€οΈβ˜ΊοΈ