Have you always dreamed about a personal speed boat?
Now it it easy!
From you: the destination you want to reach.
From us: the tour (which can be adapted to any wishes) and a personal speed boat with captain and crew.

What will you choose? Cruises around Koh Samui or Koh Phangan? Excursions to the desert islands of Angthong? What about snorkeling near Koh Tao?
Prices for popular destinations
Koh Samui
Angthong National
Marine Park
Nang Yuan & Koh Tao
Around Koh Phangan
One way
8500 THB
1 - 10 people
12500 THB
11 - 15 people
15000 THB
16 - 20 people
One day cruise
28000 THB
Max 25 people
One day cruise
29500 THB
Max 25 people
One day cruise
20000 THB
Max 25 people
Include: medical insurance, cold soft drinks.
Exclude: land transfers.
Include: medical insurance, snorkeling equipment, cold soft drinks.
Exclude: land transfers, food and entrance fees (for some parks).

Private charter to Samui, around Koh Phangan, Koh Tao and Nang Yuan.